FAQ – GadgetEase Columbus

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Where do your products come from?

All of our products are purchased at our physical store location in Columbus Ohio. We pay on the spot for good condition and in demand cell phones, speakers, apple computers, tablets, and more. For more information please visit our selling or locations page.






What kind of things do you buy?

We strive to carry a wide selection of mid-level, high end, and everyday consumer electronics. We price competitively and try to assure an excellent value proposition for our buyers and sellers. Our best sellers are apple computers, ipads, cell phones, lcd televisions, DSLR cameras, headphones, speakers, receivers, and more!Selling info

Do you carry vintage electronics?

Yes, GadgetEase will purchase some vintage speakers, turn tables, and amplifiers in working condition and still in demand. In addition, we buy and sell vintage video game systems and accessories.

When do I get paid for my items?

Unlike consignment or online selling, you will be paid CASH On-the-Spot for any items that we are able to purchase which total under $100. If your items are over $100 we will provide payment by business check. You may also choose store credit payment to receive a bonus payout between 10-25%!

How should I prepare my items before selling?

To get the most value for your items please bring any original accessories and sales receipt. The original box, cables, adapters, manuals, remotes, chargers, sales receipt & other accessories will all increase the amount you can expect to be paid for your items.

-For Gadgets with internal rechargeable batteries: please bring in with a full charge so items can be tested.

For Gadgets like cell phones and tablets with internal memory please erase or reformat to factory defaults to avoid sharing any personal information. NOTE: Backup Any Content To Your Computer First.

For TVs and media players - Please remember to bring the remote control.

De-register any devices from you account and turn off any location services.

When do you accept buys?

We accept buys every day up until one hour prior to the store closing. Store Locations

How long does it take?

We go through your items right away and will get them back to you as quickly as possible. Buys are processed on a first come, first served basis. Times may vary depending on the number of buys ahead of you.

Do you buy tube tv's?

No, we are sorry but we only buy lcd and flat panel style televisions.

How do you determine how much you will pay me for my items?

We price all of the items that we purchase using our computer matrix and online research. Most of our items are priced at about 1/4 to 3/4 of the original retail price, and then we pay you approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of that. We are generally pretty competitive with online auction sites, without all the hassle and fees.