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Tips for Selling Your Used Electronic


-To get the most value for your items please bring any original accessories and sales receipt. The original box, cables, adapters, manuals, remotes, chargers, sales receipt & other accessories will all increase the amount you can expect to be paid for your items.

-For Gadgets with internal rechargeable batteries: please bring in with a full charge so items can be tested.

-For Gadgets like MP3 Players & iPods with internal memory please erase or reformat to factory defaults to avoid sharing any personal information. NOTE: Backup Any Content To Your Computer First.

-For Digital Cameras and memory cards. Please remove or backup any content you would like to keep. Then erase or delete any remaining content by using the Delete or Format function on the camera or using a computer.
NOTE: Backup Any Content To Your Computer First.

-For TVs and DVD players. Please remember to bring the base stand & remote control. DVD players without the remote & TVs without the remote and base stand cannot be accepted.

-For Gadgets with subscription services or online registration:
Keep the device registered to demonstrate functionality and bring in any online account management or necessary information to de-register device or deactivate your subscription service.

-Review our inventory policy and the list of items we do not buy here.